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Michael J Mcdonnell
Qualifications and Awards
BACHELOR OF EDUCATION:Psychology, Sociology, History, Social Policy, Professional Practice
BACHELOR OF PSYCHOLOGY: Bachelor of Social and Developmental Psychology
BACHELOR OF THEOLOGY IN ECUMENICAL STUDIES: The Bachelor of Divinity in Ecumenical Studies (BDES) is a primary degree in ecumenical theological Studies.
BACHELOR OF BIBLICAL ARCHAEOLOGY: Biblical Studies (including Biblical languages), Church History, Practical Theology and Systematic Theology, Religion
CARMELITE MONK:The Order of the Brothers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel or Carmelites, Oro Fratrum Beatissimæ Virginis Mariæ de Monte Carmelo.
  Michael was born at the Mater Hospital
 in Brisbane in 1947.Studied in London,
Dublin,Rome and Jerusalem,and has
 Michael has been a Carmelite monk   Studies include Taoist
Philosophy, Zen meditation,
Chinese Herbalism and Shiatsu
 Michael Taught Oki Do yoga for 6 years in Melbourne.
 Michael Has been doing Quantum intuitive/psychic
readings for people for 35 years.
Specialising in:
· Aura Health Diagnosis
· Personal Life Strategies  for:
· Business direction
· Finance direction
· Relationship guidance
· Health & Metaphysical guidance
MB: 0410 697 624
PH: 07 5573 2000
Pre-Pay by CC or Paypal 
CCARDs are subject to conditions & Cancellation/Admin fees may apply
   Consultation fees
 For 1 Person
1) 60 minutes $160
2) 75 minutes $170
3)90 minutes $180
4)   2 hours     $250
5)   6 hours    $650
For2 People
1)     75 minutes $260
2)       2  hours    $440
Skype Consultation prepaid
60 minutes $160
Telephone consultation prepaid
60 minutes $160
Prepurchased ONLY
and paid by CC or Paypal at
Michael Is in demand and travels to  Melbourne,
Sydney, Canberra
Brisbane, Newcastle & the
Gold & Sunshine Coasts
By appointment only contact
 Stephen Breitkreutz my
Personal Assistant on
0410 697 624
07 5573 2000

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